How can Walmart be both “populist” and an such an enormous multi-national corporation?

walmart video

I wanted to share the link above, if you follow the page you will find a link from the televison show “frontline”. watch at your own risk 🙂

Walmart is seen as the people’s place. It mantains that it has integrity and that is savior for low prices, which in hard economic times is extremely important. It can be seen as populists because it has allowed many unskilled workers the chance to be part of a enormous multi-national corporation. Walmart makes it known that it is looking out for the lower income interests, they have made the nation feel good to be “cheap”, this company could do no wrong, from the retired grandma who greets you at the door to the televisions inside the store that help you make a meal for a family of 10 for under 5 bucks (just joking), they promote family and for the common folk. It is seen as the best place to invest all your hard earned money, it is seen as working hard to keep prices low for the shopper. America believes that Walmart is taking on high price shopping centers for the sake of the little people and that feels wonderful to most on limited income.


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  1. marcush1
    May 03, 2011 @ 22:09:00

    I originally found it a bit strange that Sam Walton chose to start his business in the region of Arkansas he did; however, I now believe that this was smart for the reasons you mentioned. Many of the original Wal-Mart customers were members of the working class; therefore, they did not generally make a lot of money. Wal-mart not only provided them cheep items, but if you were a manager, the owner gave you an opportunity to literally become a part of the company. This idea must have been wonderful for the original Wal-Mart customers. The friendly, Christian atmosphere that the early Wal-Mart stores were said to have also made Wal-mart become one of the biggest companies in the world.


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